2016 Film Festival Reflection

Today we went to the Apollo 2016 Film Festival, the film festival is where the Grade 6’s made a 30 second long video teachings kids lessons like Try your hardest or Accident or Not give an apology and they all got put in different categories and the teacher voted for the winner.

One of my favourite was the one that Harry Shield stared in, I really enjoyed it because it was about all sports and I loved when Harry ankle-broke his opposition.

Thanks, Brodie


Today we did our inquiry on shadows! We worked with a partner, we made a pose and our partner out-lined our shodow. First we did our first one at around 11:45am and the shadow was straight from where I put my feet, then we came back at 3:15pm and did it again. Now my shadow was 90 degrees to my right, now I looked like a bunny 🐰🐰🐰!!!!!!!! Overall I was very supried about the outcome and if I did it again it wouldn’t be as surprised because I now know how shadows work!! Thanks Brodie


11:45am                                                      3:15pm

img_2057                  img_2062


Hi Everyone, this is my Peom for my homework that I did on the 5th week of Term 3, it is about the olympics. Hope you enjoy it!!! Thanks Brodie.


You want to win or you will lose

You must be determined or you will be weak

You must strive from start to finish

No matter where you come from Gold medal to 8th.

image image






Similes and Metaphors Homework

Hi, this is my peom for my Similies and Metaphors homework on T3 W4, hope you enjoy it:


S It flys through the air like a falcon

M Its wings expand to touch the horizon

S With elegance carries passengers with ease like a tornado

M It takes off at a cheetahs pace with a lions roar from its engines.

S And glides to land like a feather falling through the sky.




Toilet Paper Maths!!

Today I did a maths group task on…… TOILET PAPER!! We had to make a shape out of our unraveled toilet paper (it was LOOOOOOOOONG!), we made a rectangle. My estimation outcome wasn’t very good. The total of the rectangle was:
A. N/A
P. N/A


I disagree about the age 18 limit to vote because I think that its too old, I think the age should be 16 because children know how to work out things they haven’t done before.

Hi my name is Brodie, this year I will be posting all my work from the week on Maths, English, Writing and a lot more!! I will also have a personal page where I will be updating you on my sports (🏉, 🏀, 🏏). Thanks Brodie